What is Microsoft XP Professional?

Answer Microsoft XP Professional is a version of Microsoft's XP operating system. XP Professional is intended to be used by both business and power users and offers a number of features not found in othe... Read More »

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What is Microsoft Office XP Professional?

Microsoft Office XP Professional was the mid-tier version of Microsoft's Office XP application suite, historically notable for being the first version of Office to disable the much maligned Clippit... Read More »

What is Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64?

Microsoft began releasing 32- and 64-bit Windows XP operating systems beginning in 2005. Windows XP x64 is an operating system for a computer with a 64-bit central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is... Read More »

What Is the Microsoft Office XP Professional Suite?

Microsoft Office XP Professional is a suite of office productivity applications. You can perform spreadsheet calculations, desktop publishing tasks and electronic communication via Office XP.

What Is Included on Microsoft Office 2007 Professional?

Microsoft Office 2007 Professional is the top-of-the-range edition of the Office 2007 software suite. This version of the software contains a full range of office productivity applications.