What is Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64?

Answer Microsoft began releasing 32- and 64-bit Windows XP operating systems beginning in 2005. Windows XP x64 is an operating system for a computer with a 64-bit central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is... Read More »

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Does Windows XP Professional include Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Windows XP is a platform application and does not include Microsoft Word, but the Professional Office Suite, an optional add-on, does. However, Microsoft Windows XP is no longer made by ... Read More »

Will Microsoft Java on Windows XP SP2 Professional work?

The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine was supported until June 30, 2009, at which time it was shut down due to intellectual property conflicts with Sun Microsystems. Because Windows XP Service Pack 2 ... Read More »

Does Windows XP Professional come with Microsoft Word?

According to the Microsoft website, Windows XP Professional does not come with a full version of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite and must be purchased separatel... Read More »

Is Microsoft Office XP Professional compatible with Windows Vista?

Microsoft Office XP Professional is officially compatible with Windows Vista, according to Microsoft. However, Office XP is currently in Extended Support phase, so there will be no more updates or ... Read More »