What is Microsoft Silverlight 1.0?

Answer Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 is a software tool that can be used for the development of cross platform Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Silverlight is considered to be the strongest competitor to Ad... Read More »

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What Is the Microsoft Silverlight Platform?

Microsoft Silverlight is a software that directly competes with Adobe's Flash software. Silverlight is a multimedia plug-in for Windows or Macs ,and is available for Linux through the Moonlight pro... Read More »

How to Introduce Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a Web browser plug-in designed by Microsoft. It is similar in concept to Adobe Flash or Java in that it helps properly load elements of certain websites, such as graphics o... Read More »

Why is Microsoft trying to push Silverlight on me?

Microsoft has developed a new code framework called Silverlight, which can cause you to receive messages from Microsoft encouraging you to download and install it.SignificanceMicrosoft pop-ups that... Read More »

What is Microsoft's Silverlight program for?

Microsoft's program, Silverlight, allows users to develop small applications or programs for use on web pages, on mobile devices such as cellular phones and for stand-alone use on computers. The pr... Read More »