What is Microsoft SQL Server Native Client?

Answer In a computer network storing data in a Microsoft SQL Server database on a network server, the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client software library works on individual networked computers that need ... Read More »

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What VPN server works with Microsoft's Windows XP VPN client?

The Windows XP VPN client is widely compatible with a range of VPN servers that support commonly used VPN protocols. The XP VPN client can be configured to connect servers that accept standard PPTP... Read More »

What is a server in a client server environment?

One computer in a network generally requests information from another; the computer making the request is the client, and the computer that's returning the data--"serving" the data, so to speak--is... Read More »

What is client/server?

A network is multiple computers connected to share resources such as printers, files and communications. Networks require a way to control operations. Network operating systems such as client/serve... Read More »

What is a client access server?

The Client Access server is the name of one of the five main server roles that the Microsoft Exchange 2010 server uses. The Client Access server accepts connections to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 s... Read More »