What is Microsoft Office InfoPath?

Answer Many companies use forms to gather data from employees and from people outside their company. These forms come in many forms, such as questionnaires, surveys, and applications. Office InfoPath is a... Read More »

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What does error 1605 Office cannot install InfoPath mean?

The error "1605 Office cannot install InfoPath" takes place when Microsoft Outlook cannot install the InfoPath product, which helps to design specialized forms. If InfoPath has not been installed, ... Read More »

How to View Microsoft Office Work Mail on Home Computer Using Microsoft Office Software?

Outlook is an application that allows you to manage your email, contacts and calendar with one interface. The application is a client in the sense that it retrieves data from a server and puts it i... Read More »

Should I buy the Microsoft Office student and home or Microsoft Office University What's the difference?

Well outlook is really not that important. Outlook is basically Microsofts email software. You really don't need it as you can just check your mail in yahoo or gmail whatever you use. The most popu... Read More »

Do you uninstall Microsoft Office 2000 before installing Microsoft Office 2007?

You do not need to uninstall Microsoft Office 2000 before installing Microsoft Office 2007. The software setup wizard for Office 2007 gives you the option of upgrading your current version of the s... Read More »