What is Microsoft Active Sync?

Answer ActiveSync is primarily used to synchronize data (e.g., audio, video, photos, contacts) to portable Windows based devices. ActiveSync is commonly used for cell phones and laptops.SynchronizingAfter... Read More »

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Does android have an active sync app?

need to know how i can upgrade my samsung moment to 2.1 so i can get live wallpaper

How to Configure Exchange for Active Sync?

ActiveSync is a free program downloadable from the Microsoft website. Exchange Server is not free, but is also available through Microsoft; it usually is not downloadable due to its size. ActiveSyn... Read More »

What is a Microsoft Sync Toy?

Microsoft SyncToy is a free application from Microsoft that helps you to organize, copy and rename files. You can do this between different PCs such as a laptop and desktop computer across a home n... Read More »

Microsoft Won't Sync My iPod?

If you have used an iPod on a Mac computer, it automatically formats the iPod for a Mac. This means that the iPod will not be able to sync with a Windows computer unless you reset the iPod and then... Read More »