What is Mickle Therapy?

Answer Looks like a total scam to me. Red flags all over their website. You click on the 'science and research' page and you get no science or research. No studies, no trials, nothing. Nothing has been... Read More »

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When I stop physical therapy will the pain return Will I need physical therapy forever?

Sorry about the spammers posting those websites. They get tacked on to most every thread here. The regulars report them, and they disappear minutes later (as you can see because at this writing, th... Read More »

What is EMR therapy?

electromagnetic resonance (EMR) therapy can be used to treat a variety of diseases and illnesses. This form of therapy has been used by astronauts for many years to help with the effect space trave... Read More »

What is bowen therapy?

Considered its own form of pain and tension relief, Bowen therapy differentiates itself from common massage and chiropractic methods by eliminating the force and manipulation techniques of these co... Read More »

What is flower therapy?

Flower therapy, also called flower essence therapy, is the use of highly diluted plant substances to treat emotional and psychological conditions. Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedie... Read More »