What is Metamucil?

Answer Metamucil is a brand of fiber supplement made from a plant called Psyllium. It comes in different forms, such as powder and pills. Metamucil, and fiber in general, can help with certain health cond... Read More »

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What is the difference between Miralax& Metamucil?

Miralax and Metamucil are supplements intended to help relieve constipation. While both have effects on bowel movements, they work in different ways. Both are available over-the-counter in the phar... Read More »

Fasting: What do you think is the harm of consuming nothing but water and Metamucil and vitamins for one week?

It is not good to do so. Your bodies (Especially at your ages) need many nutrients besides vitamins and water to carry out proper biochemical processes. You need protein (For your muscles), carbohy... Read More »

Is Metamucil acid or alkaline?

Metamucil is a dietary supplement for fiber. It uses psyllium husks as the main source of fiber and thus must be taken with plenty of water. The resulting solution is alkaline, which may also help ... Read More »

Feline Diarrhea & Metamucil Use?

Metamucil is not just a medicine for humans. This supplement can also help cats that are having problems with diarrhea. It is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian if your cat develops a case of... Read More »