How to Enjoy Metallica?

Answer Metallica is one of the four main thrash metal bands that were created during the ‘80’s. They have a variety of great albums that will allow you to love them with ease.

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No new Metallica album until 2015?

You never know with Metallica. Lulu was a disasterpiece, St. Anger sucked, and Load/ReLoad were perfectly mediocre. Death Magnetic was a decent one though. They may release a Death Magnetic type al... Read More »

Which is your favorite Metallica album?

RTL- incredible since they were all 19-20 years old. And of course they were still using some of Dave's writing.

Metallica or Guns n' Roses?

This is a very opinionated question but Guns N' Roses are the better band in terms of popularity. Metallica has sold slightly more albums, but considering that Metallica's career lasted more than t... Read More »

How to Learn Old Metallica Riffs?

Learning old Metallica riffs is no easy task. But hopefully this article will help you out in any way, just remember that it will take a while to learn some of their riffs because some are pretty t... Read More »