What episode does metallica come to the simpsons?

Answer In a 2007 episode (season 18), Otto Man's tape player breaks, and there is nothing good on the radio, so he drives along the road and spots Metallica's van, with the band members (Kirk, James, Lars... Read More »

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What was the first Metallica album to receive a Grammy nomination?

The heavy metal band Metallica was nominated for their first Grammy on January 22, 1989. The Grammy nomination was for Best Metal Album, "...And Justice For All." The band performed the single "One... Read More »

WHAT SHOULD I DO about my son's taste in music These rock bands are pretty bad, Metallica, As I Lay Dying?

I can't help but laughing. No son in his right mind is going to have his personal music tastes influenced by - and this is what I find funny - his mother.

How to Enjoy Metallica?

Metallica is one of the four main thrash metal bands that were created during the ‘80’s. They have a variety of great albums that will allow you to love them with ease.

How to Play Metallica on Guitar?

Metallica is a band that, by hard work and dedication to their music, have made their band almost synonymous with metal. Now you can learn how to play Metallica.