What is jackie from that 70s show real name?

Answer Mila Kunis

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What is the old cartoon that featured a Native American Indian Involved was a crying sequence and the voice of the Indian was the same as the voice of Homer Simpson's angel from Whacking Day?

Winkey-Dink and you, or winkey dink, for short. I can imagine this could damage the then expensive TV screens if practiced enough.

Is Stassi from the reality TV show Queen Bees the same Stassi that was on season 8 of The Amazing Race the family edition?

Are sandy from spongebob and widget from wow wow wubzy the same voice?

No they are not played by the same people. "Sandy" is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence and "Widget" is voiced by Lara Jill Miller.

Could you introduce any programmes from the BBC whose broadcaster is a woman with a beautiful voice The same kind like Rachel Harbe from the programme World Have Your Say?