What is Medicaid fraud?

Answer The ways to commit Medicaid fraud are numerous. When fraud is committed, it is the people who benefit from the Medicaid program who suffer. Medicaid programs rely on funds to help those who are dis... Read More »

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What Is Considered Medicaid Fraud?

Medicaid fraud is a serious offense. There are a variety of ways that a medical provider can be caught up in Medicaid fraud. Some of these examples take advantage of the government and some take ad... Read More »

What constitutes Medicaid fraud?

Medicaid can be a health and life saver for needy people, but when people use Medicaid who don't need or qualify for it, they diminish it for others. If you want to prove that someone has committed... Read More »

How to Report Medicaid Fraud in Florida?

Florida Medicaid fraud happens in a variety of different ways. A few of the common occurrences of fraud include charging a Medicaid patient for services he did not receive, charging a patient for a... Read More »

Would my fiance be able to get Medicaid when we get married I have Medicaid for myself & (see details)?

Medicaid is run on a state by state basis, and usually, what counts is HOUSEHOLD income. Since you're living with him now, presumably Medicaid knows it, and his income is LOW enough, for your fami... Read More »