What is Malvaceae plant?

Answer Malvaceae, or the mallow family, is a family of flowering plants containing over 200 genera with close to 2,300 species,The largest genera in terms of number of species include Hibiscus (300 specie... Read More »

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What is this plant plant that grows on a vine like a cucumber?

What type of plant would be best to plant along a chain link fence?

I have a large plant in my backyard that looks like a blackberry plant but not convinced. what is it?

Post a link to a picture. What shape are the leaves? Are they smooth or serrated? Are they on opposite sides of the stem, or do they alternate? Link a pic and you'll get some help.

Can you plant a hot pepper plant next to tomato plant?

This is an argued point all the time. I have heard recommendations of planting marigolds between the peppers and tomatoes, and it seems to work.