What is Malbec wine made from?

Answer Malbec wine is made out of the Malbec grape. According to Easy Wine, "Malbec is a black grape that originated in France." Today, however, Malbec wine is associated with Argentina, where the Malbec ... Read More »

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Where are most Malbec varietals from?

Sarth America...It is originally a French varietal, but has truly flourished in Argentina;…

Which country is most famous for growing Malbec?

What is the difference between malbec&merlot wines?

Although malbec and merlot are both medium bodied red wines with similar tastes, they do have some distinct differences. Often confused by novice wine drinkers, the grapes and tastes of both wines ... Read More »

The Differences Between Malbec, Merlot & Sauvignon Wines?

Merlot, malbec and cabernet sauvignon are three popular dry, red wines that pair well with a variety of foods. Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be full-bodied, while merlot and malbec are usually medium... Read More »