What is Maine law on leaving children alone?

Answer Well My Teacher Told Me That Your Supose To Be 12 And Up.

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Clothing Help for Children in Maine?

Low-income families often struggle to provide for their children. In addition to buying food, paying rent and medical care, families must also find ways to keep the children clothed. Low-income fam... Read More »

Can you be arrested for leaving your children with their mother?

If you have sole legal guardianship/custody of them and the mother has none and you just drop the kids off with her and leave them there and never call or come back to pick them up that's child aba... Read More »

What does the law say about leaving children home alone in England?

There is no legal age limit in the UK, it is left up to the parents discretion. However they can be prosecuted for leaving a child home alone for an extended amount of time in detrimental condition... Read More »

What is the Tennessee law on leaving children alone for several days?

it depends where do u live the laws r different evrywhere While you should always take into account your local regulations, you should also be aware of the pros and cons associated with frontal ai... Read More »