What is Macromedia Flash?

Answer Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is a plug-in for Internet browsers. According to its current manufacturer, Adobe, it works cross-platform to deliver better web experiences for users, and re... Read More »

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How to Make a Good Flash Game in Adobe Flash or Macromedia Flash?

At least everyone who uses the internet daily comes across one SWF file on the internet.

How to Build a Flash Website With Macromedia Flash 8?

Macromedia Flash MX is a multimedia application commonly used for creating websites that contain animation and video. Perhaps you are familiar with making a Flash movie, but don't know what is invo... Read More »

What is Macromedia Flash Player 7?

Macromedia Flash Player 7, which came out in August 2003, is an older version plug-in developed by Adobe and is used by web browsers to display Flash media, including but not limited to video, grap... Read More »

Macromedia Flash Features?

Macromedia Flash (now known as Adobe Flash) was created by software designer Jonathan Gay in the mid 1990s. The animation program’s name was originally FutureSplash and it has been paired with Ad... Read More »