What does SOL mean medically?

Answer Medical acronyms can vary from hospital to hospital depending on the hospitals protocol. SOL can be used for the solution, sleep onset latency, soluble or space occupying lesion. It is typical for... Read More »

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What is wrong with me (medically)?

You should go to emergency, my cousin had it before. They put a IV in her gave her medicine and the swelling went down tremendously. Not to scare or anything, but if she hasn't gone in she might no... Read More »

Are vaccines medically necessary?

1. Yes, the reason that there is an argument about it is because so many people were vaccinated that we don't see the dire results that these diseases bring. 2. It depends on who you ask. If you as... Read More »

When is genetic testing medically necessary?

On One Hand: Diagnosis and ClarificationTesting is valuable during high risk situations during pregnancy. Close family members, parents or siblings with a disorder and a high miscarriage rate can i... Read More »

Was r lee ermey medically retired?