What is MP3 file compression?

Answer A standard technology for compressing sound called MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) reduces digital sound information to about one-12th of its original size. This allows more music on a CD and easier mus... Read More »

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What is file compression?

File compression is useful in situations in which you need to reduce the size of a file. For example, some email systems do not allow you to send a message attachment exceeding a specified file siz... Read More »

Definition of File Compression?

Advances in technology make information sharing common and convenient for both business and home computer users. You can transfer files containing text, images and even entire project presentations... Read More »

How to Use a File Compression Program?

File compression programs are a good investment for computer users who are looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to increase their machine’s storage space. These products can turn over-siz... Read More »

Why Is File Compression Important?

Beginning in the 1970s, computer scientists used mathematical algorithms to search through computer code to find ways to reduce the file size. Since then, there has been an ever-growing need, spurr... Read More »