What is MMS on a cell phone mean?

Answer Hold down the top lock button and the home button down until the apple sign comes up on ur phone, once this comes up release the lock button at the top but still hold the home button until the conn... Read More »

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What does TTY mean on a cell phone?

A TeleTypewriter, or TTY, is a device used by deaf people to send text messages across analogue telephone lines. TTY adapters for cellular telephones allow you to hook up and use a compatible cellu... Read More »

What does EV mean on a cell phone?

"EV" is the symbol for EVDO, which stands for Evolution Data Only/Optimized. EVDO is a mobile broadband service. When EV appears on a cell phone, it means the user can access the Internet if he has... Read More »

What does mms mean on cell phone?

Multimedia Message - has pictures, videos, or music in the message

What does e on a cell phone mean?

A bold-face, lower case letter e is used throughout Europe as a symbol meaning estimated. For instance, a cell phone in Europe with an e symbol next to a weight--either on the item itself, or on i... Read More »