What is MIDI?

Answer Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It allows digital instruments and controllers to "talk" to each other. Through MIDI, an single computer or keyboard can control a whole bank of musical instr... Read More »

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How can i make midi files and play it on a midi player very easy?

many ways, depending on which one you find comfortable to work with. i'll just mention free programs:tux guitar: guitar tablature and notation basedmusescore: music notation basedmost others use th... Read More »

What is a usb midi?

A USB MIDI device allows you to connect a MIDI device to your computer via a USB port. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a universal computer language for controlling musical synthesiz... Read More »

What is a midi cable?

MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface, a form of technology that records audio with digital signals rather than traditional audio signals. MIDI cables allow MIDI-equipped instruments... Read More »

What is a MIDI sound module?

A MIDI sound module is a piece of hardware that contains a library of sounds that can be triggered by an external source, such as a keyboard or drum pad. Possible sounds include computer-generated ... Read More »