Are MARSOC marines just as well trained as Navy SEALs because people keep saying that SEALs are better trained and that MARSOC sucks?

Answer Well trained is the question. All members of the United States Military are the most well trained. Whatever the job or function. All jobs matter. All take pride in their ability to perform their ta... Read More »

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What is the length of marsoc training?

Who is better navy seals or MARSOC marines?

The u.s. navy seals are the best. That's why they are called seals. It stands for sea air land, because they are the best at sea, in air, and on land

What is the total length of MARSOC training including advance?

Why don't the marines bring back the raiders instead of marsoc who I don't believe does as good of a job compaired to their army counterparts?

The Raiders were disbanded after WW 2 because the Marines ended out using them as line infantry because the missions they were designed for never happened and their training was being wasted. Also,... Read More »