What is M3 money?

Answer The U.S. Federal Reserve regularly publishes money aggregates (totals), which are used to describe the total amount of money present in the economy based on different definitions of what "money" is... Read More »

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I will have some money from Egypt soon what to do with the money?

Put it in a money market account now with Vanguard or Fidelity. You can use the money as needed. It will not be tied up.

If you went to draw money out of ATM and found money already in dispenser what is the right thing to do?

If there is any way possible to tell who it belongs to I would try to get it back to them. But I certainly wouldn't just turn it over to a clerk in the store or anything.

What about people who have student loans and didnt recieve there tax money because of money owed?

what about it? you agreed to pay back the govt for the loans and now they are keeping it as repayment. this helps you, now you owe them a little bit less

How are game shows able to give away so much money and all those prizes. where does it all come from. with so many poor people on earth why are only people who have money able to win more money?

For prizes, sponsors pay the game show to plug the prizes on air, as a form of advertisement. In terms of a budget, prizes are essentially free, which is why they were used so often up through the ... Read More »