What does luke chapter 16 mean?

Answer Luke chapter 16 refers to a book of the Bible and a specific chapter within that book. It is located in the New Testament of the Bible.GospelsLuke is one of the four Gospels of the Bible. The oth... Read More »

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What year was the book of Luke written?

The book of Luke was written between the years of 59 and 62 CE. Generally, most hold that the book was written in 60 CE. However, most sources such as archaeological findings, biblical verse and sc... Read More »

What is the meaning of the boy's name Luke?

According to, the boy's name "Luke" means bringer of light, or morning. The name Luke is of Latin origin and is derived from Lucas. Luke was a physician from the New Testament... Read More »

What headphones does Luke have in Step Up 3d?

Luke, was using Numark HV-115 very rare DJ headphones here over internet, it is older model I cannot find anything about them.

What is the lip piercing that Luke Brooks from the Janoskians has?

its just a side lip piercing. looks to be a 16g. just tell your piercer where you want it positioned, and they'll put it there.