What is Lucite made of?

Answer Lucite is a synthetic compound composed of simple molecules of the ester methyl methacrylate that have been formed into a polymer (chain). Esters are any of a class of organic compounds that react ... Read More »

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Are there any Steelers Super Bowl rings made in Lucite?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in seven Super Bowls and won six. Five of those rings were manufactured by Jostens using a wide variety of metals, including gold and platinum; the company's web... Read More »

What Is Confetti Lucite?

Several types of Lucite jewelry, such as Moonglow Lucite and Granite Lucite, populate the fashion world. Lucite's ability to encase other materials is responsible for a type of Lucite known as Conf... Read More »

What is lucite jewelry?

What's not as rare as diamonds but just as sparkly? As varied as genuine gemstones but lighter and less expensive? It's Lucite, a most versatile and interesting jewelry material that's been aroun... Read More »

What is the Difference Between Lucite & Plastic?

Because of the prevalence of plastics , it is easy to think that the plastic in your water bottle and the plastic in your bracelet are identical. However, there are a variety of plastics used for d... Read More »