What. does it feel like when your drunk or buzzed what are effects?

Answer How you act kinda depends on what you drink and what your normal personality is, anyway. How you feel is pretty easy to predict. After one or two drinks, depending on your tolerance, you start to f... Read More »

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What are causes of Antistreptolysin O Titre and what are its side effects and how long does it takes to cure?

This test shows a past infection of Group A Streptococcal bacteria, which can cause a sore throat and is seen fairly commonly in children. It will go away by itself and doesn't normally need medica... Read More »

What are the effects of mugwort tea also how do I brew it, what is the dosage?

There are many homeopathic uses for the Mugwort--Artemisia vulgaris, L., also known as Felon Herb. But you didn't mention what your intention treatment use was for. ? Different parts of the plant... Read More »

What is the procedure for pulling teeth, and what are the after effects?

It's no big deal. The usual procedure is a numbing gel on your gums to lessen the pinch of the local aneanesthesiajections, they are nothing just a little pinch. The let you sit for 5 minutes or so... Read More »

What does rooting a kindle fire do and what are the effects?

rooting give you admin rights so you can install custom software.