What is Louisiana's state fossil?

Answer Most U.S. states have designated a type of fossil as their state fossil in the same way they have state plants or flowers. Louisiana's official fossil is petrified palm wood from the genus palmoxyl... Read More »

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What fossil fuel is found in washington state?

Coal is the only fossil fuel found in Washington---in the southwest portion of the state, where it was mined until 2006. In 2006, Washington began importing coal from Montana and Wyoming. Washingto... Read More »

What is a fossil gene?

We may have genes in our DNA for thumbs on our feet, and thick hair covering us (both men and women) from head to toe. These are fossil genes.DefinitionFossil genes are "DNA left over from our ance... Read More »

What is the oldest fossil?

Earth's most ancient known fossils are stromatolites, layered rocks formed by cyanobacteria (sometimes called blue-green algae). Cyanobacteria are single-celled organisms that make their food throu... Read More »

What is a body fossil?

Body fossils, one of the two main types of fossils, are the fossilized body parts of a creature, such as the bones, teeth, claws, skin or eggs. In contrast, trace fossils, which are the other main ... Read More »