What is Lip Gloss Made Of?

Answer Not a lip balm nor a lipstick, a lip gloss is a lip enhancer with a liquid consistency that is thicker than water. Worn alone or over another lip product, such as lip balm or lipstick, lip gloss is... Read More »

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Is lip gloss made out of whale sperm?

Yes, actually, it is. The whale farms on the East coast of Canada have developped a way of arousing whales at key moments in the day so that the sperm is completely fresh and will last a long time.... Read More »

How to Sell Home Made Lip Gloss in School?

If you need a way to make money, or you have a liking to making lip glosses but don't plan to use them all for yourself, consider selling them in school to girls! If you don't know how, than look n... Read More »

If you paint high gloss acrylic over high gloss oil on the trim will it peel off?

Answer the high gloss acrylic would bead up and not give you an even application over the oil based

Use Lip Gloss?

Using lip gloss to enhance the color of your lips and the overall effect of your makeup is an easy process to learn. There are several tricks to applying lip gloss, so that it will not only improve... Read More »