What is Lightscribe software?

Answer Lightscribe is a technology developed by Hewlett-Packard for the creation of customized labels on rewritable media such as CDs or DVDs.ProcessWith a CD- or DVD-writing drive and Lightscribe media, ... Read More »

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What is LightScribe Host Software?

LightScribe Host software enables consumers to print labels directly onto specially coated CDs and DVDs without the use of an adhesive label. The print resolution is high and the overall quality is... Read More »

What is a lightscribe dvd?

Lightscribe DVDs are DVDs that are coated with a special surface. DVD-ROM lasers can etch text or graphics on this surface for labeling or decorative purposes.LightScribe HistoryHewlett-Packard rel... Read More »

What Is a LightScribe CD?

A LightScribe CD is a special type of CD or DVD that is created by a computer with a laser-etched label. The laser etching eliminates the need for a label to be printed onto the disc or applied to ... Read More »

What is LightScribe media?

LightScribe media recorders can engrave elaborate permanent label designs onto specially-prepared LightScribe media quickly and easily. These media include CDs and DVDs.LightScribeCD or DVD recorde... Read More »