What is Lev Vygotsky theory on Play for children?

Answer Vygotsky believed in ZPD The Zone of Proximal Development...he believed children had the ability to get to a next step in their learning through their play with support from adults. Imagine a pyram... Read More »

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What is Vygotsky scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a pedagogical technique designed by Lev Vygotsky. It's based on the basic principle that students learn and help one another, rather than rely solely on the teacher as a source of ed... Read More »

Glasser Choice Theory Children Activities?

Dr. William Glasser developed and is a proponent of Reality Therapy, which centers around his Choice Theory. Glasser holds that the most common problems and challenges people face in life come from... Read More »

What are the basic differences between Freud's psychosexual theory and Erikson's psychosocial theory?

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