What is Lean Six Sigma?

Answer Lean Six Sigma is a hybrid of two business methodologies: Lean, which improves speed and efficiency in operations; and Six Sigma, which improves quality. Lean Six Sigma both are continuous improvem... Read More »

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What is lean sigma?

Lean sigma is the union of two business strategies, lean manufacturing and six sigma. The lean aspect focuses on making processes more efficient and profitable, while six sigma focuses on eliminati... Read More »

Five Phases of Lean Six Sigma?

Organizations wanting to tighten or reorganize their operations can utilize a planning tool called Lean Six Sigma. A management team runs the processes in question through five Lean Six Sigma proce... Read More »

Lean Sigma Tools?

Lean sigma involves reducing waste. The waste can be in the form of material, labor, time, defective product and even human motion. There are six primary tools used in lean sigma to eliminate waste... Read More »

What is the definition of Lean Six Sigma?

Six sigma is a management strategy that aims to improve quality by eliminating defects in outputs. Lean Six Sigma is a variation of traditional Six Sigma that attempts to further streamline process... Read More »