Cordura Vs. Kevlar?

Answer Two common types of cloth are constantly competing in today's market. Cordura, produced by a company named Invista, and Kevlar, produced by chemical giant DuPont. While extremely durable and resist... Read More »

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What is Kevlar fabric?

Kevlar, DuPont's versatile carbon fiber, can save lives in many ways, including incorporation into body armor, fire-resistant cloth, safer tires and stronger buildings.DefinitionNanowerk describes ... Read More »

Do Marines have to pay for their own Kevlar?

Marines are issued gear and do not need to purchase their own. While some Marines do purchase more gear, it is discouraged because the third-party products have not been tested and approved by the ... Read More »

Steel Vs. Kevlar Helmets?

Helmets play an important role in personal protection for many purposes, including military combat. Usually made of a lightweight but extremely durable material, it provides the user with protectio... Read More »

Kevlar Type 49 Specifications?

Kevlar is best known as the material in bullet-proof vests for military and law enforcement. In addition to personal body protection, Dupont's Kevlar 49 provides strength and durability to many adh... Read More »