How to Jump Start a Car With a Jump Starter?

Answer To be honest you should never try jumping a car of any type yourself (Really you should wait for a trained professional such as a recruit from the AA or RAC etc) because the ECU's are very sensitiv... Read More »

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How do I Troubleshoot a Car That Won't Start Even With a Jump Start?

The steps for troubleshooting your vehicle's inability to start, even after attempting to jump-start it, are the same regardless of your vehicle's year, make and model. While your vehicle will usua... Read More »

What can happen if you jump start a car wrong?

A misconnected jump start will result in anything from minor to major mechanical failures. However, this mistake can (under certain circumstances) have some lethal repercussions.ProblemElectricity ... Read More »

What is a jump start summer school program?

Jump start summer school programs are designed to help school-age children ease into the start of a new school year by stimulating young students with learning activities through the summer. This p... Read More »

Attention all Gardeners, What are you doing to jump-start your garden?

Here in Z4 N. Dak were under a flood watch due to unusual warm winds. Although I don't worry about flooding, I've been taking advantage of it by sprinkling the 6-8 drifts and piles of ice around th... Read More »