What is Jovial Bob Stein's real name?

Answer Jovial Bob Stein is none other than the esteemed R.L. Stein of Fear Street and Goosebumps fame, who's spent his whole career writing for children and tweens in one genre or another. Jovial Bob was ... Read More »

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How to Tell German Steins From Marks?

Lids on drinking cups became common as a sanitary practice after bubonic plague swept Europe in the 1600s. The earliest examples of German steins, made of clay by Kreussen in the 17th century, are ... Read More »

Why do german beer steins have lids?

Dating back to the 14th century, the design of the German beer stein has been a merging of common sense with, in many cases, high art.Definition of a SteinA "stein," derived from the German word St... Read More »

Can i watch steins;gate the movie subbed somewhere if not how long till i can?

I have been searching the internet EVERYDAY.It was supposedly released April 20th, and usually it only takes a couple of days to start streaming online. Al lot of websites has it listed, but a "thi... Read More »

Two quiz sHow is beat the geeks and win ben steins money appeared on what cable channel?