Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tim Allen's real son?

Answer No, he is not.

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Which season did jonathon togo join csi Miami?

Jonathan Togo as he is named, joined CSI:Miami in 2004, which means he appeared in the show in the end of season 2 or in the beginning of season 3. This was shortly after detective Tim "Speed" Spee... Read More »

Would Jonathon Ross say his r's like v's if he had a heavy German accent?

Maybe ! but it would be totally incorrect and sound dreadful ! Most imitations of a German accent are done by pronouncing a "W" as a "V" on certain words, rolling the "R"s and accenuating the "SC... Read More »

Who did the voice of Thomas in Thomas the tank engine?

Why was 50 cent not on Friday Night with Jonathon Ross as planned in the UK?