What are the actual names of ladies on real housewives of orange county?

Answer Season 6Tamra BarneyVicki GunvalsonGretchen RossiPeggy TanousAlexis Bellino

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What does"actual yield"mean?

Most often used in chemistry, "actual yield" refers to the amount of product gained from a specific chemical reaction or experiment. The term "theoretical yield" refers to the hypothesized amount o... Read More »

Can you get gas in your actual stomach?

Yes. Gas in the intestinal area is generally from gas that was swallowed and passed through the rest of the digestive system (including the stomach) A burp is also air that was swallowed (and in th... Read More »

Is it my dvd player or the actual dvd?

If the disc were scratched, you would STILL be able to access sections of the movie AFTER the part where it FREEZES.The problem is the LAYER CHANGE...Most DVDs have 2 layers of information...The TO... Read More »

What is the actual size of .50 BMG?

According to, the actual size of a .50 BMG bullet is 0.510 inches. It's the largest bullet a U.S. gun owner can buy that isn't regulated by the National Firearms Act.References:Hevanet.... Read More »