What was johnny Carson mystic caracture played by johnny Carson who would answer questions that came in a seal envelope?

Answer Perhaps you are confusing things with the Oscars and the sealed envelope bit. Johnny Carson had nothing to do with the Oscars. On the other hand the Amazing Kreskin, an Esp practitioner- and market... Read More »

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For how many years did Ed McMahon announce 'here's Johnny' on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?

Sources say thirty years, almost thirty years, and over thirty years. When Johnny retired as host of the Tonight Show, Ed also retired as the announcer.

At the beginning of the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson after being announced by Ed McMahon how would Johnny would enter the stage?

Johnny Carson would enter the stage through the curtains.

What nationality is Ellen?

What nationality is the name Ira?

Ira is a versatile name that is appropriate for both boys and girls. Its origins can be traced to four languages, each with a unique meaning. in Hebrew, it means "watchful" while in Greek it means ... Read More »