Was John Marcone a character in the Dresden Files TV series?

Answer Cleo Massey plays Kim Cleo's annoying little sister who gets into Cleo's room and reads her diary and starts to think that Cleo and her friends Emma and Rikki are mermaids.

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What episode in 3rd rock does John Lithgow's character where a speedo?

I think that's Season 3 Episode 4. Dick visits Mary's parents. He spends time with them in a hot tub. They were speedo shorts so they didn't show his junk (thanks be to God, or I would have gone bl... Read More »

On scrubs is it just the character dr cox that hates Hugh jackman or does john c mcginley the actor actually hate him?

No it's just part of John C McGinleys character, it was bill Lawrence's idea to write in the hatred for Hugh jackman. Basically its because Hugh Jackman has so much going for him with regards to hi... Read More »

My goodmans ld1940wd tv...?

trouble on power supply.....usually bad capacitors .

Goodmans LCD staying on standby and not powering on HELP?

it might be your power supply thats blown, if so it'll cost quite a lot to get a new one maybe a couple of hundred but apparetnly they dont last long and are dangerous, your better just buting a ne... Read More »