What is Job log full on canon 730i?

Answer you dropped it but it depends on how you want them to know that it broke like whether you want a new one or that it simply broke

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What does system error code e004 mean on canon lc 730i?

In France, Canon is a name derived from cannon, church official.

How do you change the id number on canon 730i fax?

You have it set wrong. You can change the shutter speed in the menu

What camera model to buy: Canon 650D or Sony Handycam CX410VE Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder?

The Canon 650D is a dSLR. It is designed to capture still images. Capturing video is a secondary "convenience feature". If video is important, then using this tool is a poor choice. This does not m... Read More »

Does the Canon EOS 300D have an APS-C or full frame CMOS sensor?

The Canon 300D is an APS CMOS sensor measuring 22.7 x 15.1 (slightly larger than the 350D's 22.2 x 14.8 mm). In contrast, the 1Ds full frame CMOS sensor was 35.8 x 23.8 mm (2002).