What 2 wonderful life friends share their name with sesame street?

Answer In series 2 Team Claw Won!

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What is the real name of jimmy from grounded for life?

My wonderful Sudanese friend gave me a wonderful tasting spice... the bag says Mit Mit... what the hell is it?

Really didn't find much on it but I have used it before.Dry chilies in the sun or moderate oven until crisp and then pound lightly.Heat Cloves, salt and cardamom seperately. Mix with the chili mixu... Read More »

What wonderful things can I expect to happen in my life if I start using Fabuloso to clean my house?

I use fabuloso and I love it. All sorts of cute and fuzzy woodland creatures appear and flowers jump around holding hands and you spin around and just feel refreshed. It's quite fun to feel so care... Read More »

What does the father in"It's a Wonderful Life"find in his pocket that proves he's alive?

"It's a Wonderful Life" stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey. An angel visits George as he contemplates suicide and shows him how the world would be if he did not exist. Early in the film, George's... Read More »