What kind of guitar did Jimmy Page play?

Answer Jimmy Page, like many guitarists, played several different guitars. With Led Zeppelin, he is most often associated with the Gibson Les Paul.Not One, But TwoAs a member of Zeppelin, Page had two Les... Read More »

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I can't see my favorite pages?

If you press Ctrl + B it will bring up your bookmarks

What happened with Jimmy and Cindy on Jimmy Neutron?

jimmy and Cindy do not get together but they almost do. To be more specific if you watch the episode Lady Sings the News they are basically a couple by the end. It never may not officially say that... Read More »

My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

What did Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow jam about on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

President Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow jammed about Obama's proposal to lower the rates on student loans for college students.