How to Believe in God and Jesus?

Answer Belive.You always feel that feeling, once and a while, that when you die, there is no field of gold waiting for you. Or, the scariest thing just happened, but you blame the Lord for it. Trust your ... Read More »

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How to Be More Like Jesus?

To be like Jesus is to be a person willing to put others before yourself, to seek wisdom, and to care about how you interact with all people you come across in life. Here are some ways to be more l... Read More »

If your the eldest brother out of a middle brother and a younger sister why do the middle and youngest sibling dislike the eldest if he doesn't even bother them at all?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths

How to Draw Jesus?

Jesus Christ is the center figure of Christianity. He gives people hope, trust and faith in themselves. Here is how to draw him.

Do Masons believe in Jesus?

The Freemasons are a historic fraternal organization, who have often been somewhat secretive. Freemasons believe in a "Supreme Being;" this is a necessary requirement to become a Mason. Freemasons... Read More »