How to Change a DS From French to English?

Answer The Nintendo DS handheld game console comes equipped with several different language settings. After getting a new electronic device, it is a good idea to explore all of its functions to get a feel... Read More »

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How to Learn English on a CD From Arabic or French?

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How to Convert My Aspire One From French to English?

When buying electronics in a foreign country, a common problem is getting your new gadget to display in your own language. The Acer Aspire One comes pre-installed with Windows 7, which makes switch... Read More »

How to Change Visio From the French to English Version?

When Microsoft Office programs are installed on your computer, the software checks the Windows input settings to determine what language to use for the program. If you have a French version of Micr... Read More »

How to Translate Text From French Into English?

The Web really is world-wide, and often brings us into contact with text in unfamiliar languages. French, being used in Canada and a number of European and African countries as well as in France, m... Read More »