What is Japanese lingzhi?

Answer A type of mushroom, the Japanese lingzhi originated in Asia and is large and orange. Herbalists use the Japanese lingzhi as an herbal remedy to treat a variety of conditions.UsesReported uses inclu... Read More »

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How do I grow lingzhi?

Prepare the BoxGrow lingzhi mushrooms in a shoebox in your home. Fill the box halfway with sawdust or shavings, which are the lingzhi's ideal growing foundation. Spray the sawdust with water to sta... Read More »

Has anyone tried the Japan LINGZHI Slimming Formula 2 DAY DIET pills?

They are great but you have to wash them down with pie and chips twice.

What is the name of the Japanese pop or Japanese rap group with a very colorful and bright music video where girls in bikinis jump into a swimming pool in slow motion?

Answer Ketsumeishi is the name of the group, and the name of the song is "Natsu no Omoide." And the girls as well as the entire video is shot backwards in slow-motion.

How to Write Names in Japanese with Your Name In Japanese?

Have you ever wanted to show off skills by writing your name in a different language? Well, here´s your chance!