What's the Best way to drink Irish Whiskey?

Answer straight up-two ice cubes. slightly melted to kill the burn. Amen!!

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Can you get a decent buzz [or even add extra flavor to your favorite Irish dish] w/ a Wee Smidgen of Whiskey?

Irish Coffee is the best way to get a buzz...heavy on the Irish...especially if you have a hangover!and here's a fine bit of Irish for ya!!!

How is cobra&scorpion whiskey made?

This Southeast Asian libation, Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion whiskey, boasts a whole cobra in every bottle. The snake's body is coiled at the bottom, its face displayed upright, hood flared. Scorpion... Read More »

How is jack daniel's whiskey made?

Jack Daniel's is one of the most popular whiskeys in the United States. It is classified as a Tennessee whiskey, and some of the ingredients and the process by which this type of whiskey is distill... Read More »

How to make home made whiskey?

Whiskey is distilled from mash, not beer. If you put beer in a barrel and aged it, it would quickly become skunky, and it would probably make you puke if you drank it. The making of spirits is clos... Read More »