What's the Best way to drink Irish Whiskey?

Answer straight up-two ice cubes. slightly melted to kill the burn. Amen!!

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Can you get a decent buzz [or even add extra flavor to your favorite Irish dish] w/ a Wee Smidgen of Whiskey?

Irish Coffee is the best way to get a buzz...heavy on the Irish...especially if you have a hangover!and here's a fine bit of Irish for ya!!!

When was the first whiskey still made?

Distillers first traded whiskey commercially in 1494, when Fife’s Benedictine Monastery sold whiskey to Edinburgh’s Court of King James IV. Irish legend credits St. Patrick with inventing whisk... Read More »

Where is Crown Royal whiskey made?

Crown Royal whiskey is made in Gimli, Canada at the Gimli Distillery. The brand, now owned by Seagrams, was created in 1939 and is known for its signature purple pouch and gold drawstring.Source:Wh... Read More »

How is cobra&scorpion whiskey made?

This Southeast Asian libation, Real Cobra Snake & Scorpion whiskey, boasts a whole cobra in every bottle. The snake's body is coiled at the bottom, its face displayed upright, hood flared. Scorpion... Read More »