What is Irish moss?

Answer Irish moss is a type of seaweed that grows in colder ocean water. It can be found in a variety of colors, including yellow-green, brown or purple. Irish moss is edible only after cooking.GeographyT... Read More »

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What does Irish moss eat?

If you grow Irish moss, which is actually a seaweed, you can feed it with organic fertilizer and water. In the wild, Irish moss grows along the Atlantic coastline of America and Ireland. It produce... Read More »

Is Irish moss toxic?

Irish moss is not toxic. In fact, it has long been used as a stabilizer in dairy products such as ice cream. If you see carrageenan on the label, that's derived from Irish moss. Medicinally, Irish ... Read More »

How do i add irish moss to brew?

Boil the beer wort as normal. When you have 15 minutes left in your boil, add the Irish moss to the wort. You will need about 1 tbsp. of Irish moss per 5 gallons of beer in your batch. Continue to ... Read More »

How to Rehydrate Irish Moss?

Irish moss is really just sea moss that comes from the shores of the North Atlantic region, especially Ireland. It is most frequently used as an ingredient in the beer making process, but also has ... Read More »