What is Iraq's money called?

Answer The name of the Iraqi currency is the dinar, according to the CIA World Factbook. As of 2009, it took 1,169 dinar to equal one American dollar, a rate that has improved since 2005, when it took 1,4... Read More »

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What is the money in Brazil called?

Money in Brazil is named the Real, which is pronounced "hay-AHL." In its plural form it is called the Reais, pronounced "hay-eyes." The Real's symbol is BRL or sometimes it is listed simply as R$. ... Read More »

What is the money in guatemala called?

The paper currency of Guatemala is the quetzal (GTQ), named after the country's official bird because quetzal feathers were used as money in ancient times. The coin currency is the centavo, with 10... Read More »

What is money in Argentina called?

The peso is Argentina's currency. In 2009, the Argentine peso traded at 3.7639 pesos per United States dollar. Also in 2009, Argentina faced a shortage of peso coins. The national banking authoriti... Read More »

What is the money in Spain called?

The country of Spain uses the euro (EUR), which is the currency used in 12 countries in Europe. Before the Euro was implemented in 2002, the Spanish currency was the peseta (ESP).Source:Greenwhich ... Read More »