What is Input and Output devices tell me in short?

Answer INPUT DEVICESThings which you can use to input data into the computer such as mouse keyboard scanner,etcOUTPUT DEVICESThings which give out information from the cpu such as monitor,printer,etchope ... Read More »

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What is the difference between input&output devices?

Input and output devices are usually referred to as the I/O devices. In order for a fully functional computer system, both input and output hardware types must be installed and operational.Hardware... Read More »

Are headphones input or output devices?

Output, the sound is coming from the computer. Headphones are output; they produce something after receiving signal from another device, such as a computer or electronic player. When you use head... Read More »

Can input devices ever be an output device in computers?

Input devices bring data to the computer to be processed. Some common input devices are the mouse, keyboard and microphone. Output is the result of the computer processing information. Output can b... Read More »

Input 0 output 2 input 1 output 4 input 2 output 6 input 3 output 8 input 4 output 10 please find the rule?