What is Image quality?

Answer Image quality, sometimes called clarity, in photography is a term which often is used to describe the amount of visibility of pertinent information in an image. When judging image quality in a phot... Read More »

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What image type has the best quality, JPG, TIF, GIF, or PNG?

.png generally a high quality for icon mode. Jpeg for general qualty. tiff for lage size pics, gif for animated type.. you can choose what you are looking foreBRo

What is the difference between the image quality on the Nikon D80?

RAW is the highest quality you can possibly get. Use it if you plan to blow up the pictures to billboard size or crop tightly or publish in a National Geographic magazine, otherwise it's of epic im... Read More »

What is the difference between low and high quality image?

a low quality image is a low pixilated image which may be slightly blurred and not clearly visable. the difference is that the high quality image is more clearly visable than the low quality image.... Read More »

What is Data compression that retains image quality?

Lossless data compression such as that used by the algorithms that generate TIFF or PNG files retains all the original information.