How to Post on IMDb?

Answer IMDb is the Internet Movie Database. Since its launch in 1990 it has been a source for information on movies, actors, television series and video games. Virtually anyone who has ever been noted as ... Read More »

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Problem with

Did you install any addons recently because there are addons making fake advertisements when you go to a website that looks like those advertisements are from that website but it is not...IMDB work... Read More »

How to Add a Film to IMDb?

You may be a filmmaker or actor whose latest movie was screened at a film festival or had a small release in theaters, but your film hasn't been included in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) websi... Read More »

Why do people use IMDB instead of Wikipedia?

IMDB is written by real researchers and proffessionals, Wikipedia is written by anyone!

Movies: What's a film that you think should be on the imdb top 250?

I have to respectfully disagree and say that Titanic deserves its rating of 7.4 already maybe a little higher - just my honest opinion. To me it was a good movie, epic but not great in terms of wri... Read More »