What is Gaelic?

Answer Though the name Gaelic is often used to describe Scottish Gaelic specifically, Gaelic is also the name for the group of languages found in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland.ClassificationPart o... Read More »

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How to Translate Into Gaelic?

Both Irish and Scottish heritages have their own versions of Gaelic with different pronunciations, and frequently, different vocabulary. You might need to translate English into Irish or Scottish G... Read More »

How to Convert Your Name to Gaelic?

There is a natural curiosity relating to finding out the meaning of words and expressions in a different language. This curiosity -- even with an ancient language such as Gaelic -- is often a simpl... Read More »

What does Forest mean in Gaelic?

"Forest" is not a Gaelic word. However, the Gaelic word "coille" or "coill" means "forest" or "wood." Coille is pronounced kuh-oh-i-ll, with the "l" sound resembling the "ll" sound of "million."Ref... Read More »