What is Hydrated Lime good for?

Answer Its great for breaking down clay int soil RB

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Hydrated Lime for Alkalinity Control?

Soil pH is an important factor in growing healthy plants. The pH of soil facilitates the easy uptake of nutrients and moisture within the root cells. Most plants prefer a neutral or slightly acidic... Read More »

Hydrated Lime on Garden Plants?

Any gardener who has ever shopped for a fertilizer or other type of soil amendment knows that there are many types of soil amendments available on the market today. Because of that, it can be confu... Read More »

Is drinking lots of tea or coffee good enough to keep me hydrated?

Drink coffee or tea when ever you want however keep enough water in your system to help with very thing. It's not bad though.

What is a hydrated proton?

A hydrated proton is also called a hydronium ion, and is represented by the chemical equation H3O+. Hydronium ions create the acidic properties of acidic water solutions. A hydrated proton is, in ... Read More »